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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite times on digital world. With this tools, the page is easy as the size of the screen, writing, etc. Choose your folio with predefined options that will act on the development of your content. Then add your content such as text, images, videos, slideshows and even audio. Tweak your presentation as you like. You can also create your own need and thus to customize your folio.

Android Smartphone, I-pad devices will be good to let you know and allow you to work wherever you are with Digital Publishing Suite.

Create and publish your content through Digital Publishing Suite through its way intuitive to guide you in your efforts you are amateur or professional.

Item Details

  • Dimension- 1024×768 px (Landscape)
  • Edit text, background, Image etc
  • INdd, IDml, file included
  • Made in Adobe CC 2014 (INDD)
  • Adobe CC 2017 indd file, Adobe IDML file for CS6, CS5 and lower version
  • Picture, image sequence not included
  • Folio and animation
  • Help & text File
  • File size 20mb

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