Digital Slr Camera Specifications Trifold Brochure

Digital Slr Camera Specifications Trifold Brochure

Trifold Brochure Description

Digital SLR Camera Specifications Trifold Brochure is the brand new item in Photography category. This brochure is targeting to people who work as the camera distributor, and if they want to introducing a camera line up from a camera company, such as the main feature from the camera, the latest technology has built in the camera, and to explain what people need for they work or for many work. Not only for people who sell the camera, but this is also for a company who produce a camera too.

Main Features

Inside The Brochure

  • Inside the Brochure in Page 1, you can added visual Digital SLR Camera and explain with short description about biggest feature that people need from this camera.
  • Inside the Brochure in Page 2, you can added up to 4 Main Feature of you camera to make people impress with the technology.
  • Inside the Brochure in Page 3, you can added important feature from the camera, such as Megapixels, Quality of the Sensor, Video Support, ISO Support, Memory Card support, and several feature you can added, up to 12 camera features.

Outside The Brochure

  • Outside the Brochure in Page 1, you can making comparison from other camera with same brand or with different brand, so that people will know what the expect from this camera, and tell the people what is the biggest improvement from the new one, and of course the update technology.
  • Outside the Brochure in Page 2, you can added what accessories that compatible for the camera, such as lens, filter lens, tripod, even the flash external. And how if they want to learn more? You can added camera website to learn more about the camera and find more the information about the camera and also other camera line up. And don’t forget to also put contact information, so they will know how to contact your as the distributor or as the camera company.
  • Outside the Brochure in Page 3 is main cover from the brochure, you can added picture that taken with the camera, and also you can added one camera preview, before people who read the brochure open more information inside.

Inside of The Main File

  • 2 Adobe Photoshop PSD
  • 2 Adobe Illustratior Ai
  • 2 EPS
  • Read Me in PDF

Font Use

The brochure using 2 main Font,
  • Open Sans Click Here
  • Myriad Pro (default font that already installed on your OS

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