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Hi all,

If you are seeking assistance with this or any other Sevenstyles Photoshop Action, please visit the support page here.

This page covers commonly mentioned errors with solutions as well as my contact email address if you are experiencing issues beyond what is covered on the support page.

In nearly all cases, I need to see a Photoshop interface screenshot from the customer highlighting the issue and also have the ability to send the person a test file to run. This I cannot do in the item comments section on Graphic River, so it is a far more streamlined process sending me an email.

So if you are having technical issues with the Action, first see if the error is mentioned in the support page and try the solution to see if it fixes it for you. If not, please then email me so I can send you appropriate files to get it working for you.

Thanks for your support!


Just purchased your Energy action and it worked once and now won’t complete the full action. I am on Photoshop 2015.5.1 and I read where you had updated the Action to “CC 2015.5+” but the folder I just purchased only says “CC 2015.5”. No “”. Where can I find the “” version? Thanks!

Sorry, the website left off the plus sign on my comment. So my question is where can I find the “CC 2015.5 plus” version?

Just downloaded and frustrated – as the action trips on

I followed all steps to use Dispersion, but the add-on don’t works correctly. Some second after the action starting, it appear a message: “The command Select is not currently available”. I clicked on the “Stop” button and the action breaked. Then, I clicked on the “Continue” button, a lot of times (60 or more), but at the end of the action the effect results incomplete. What’s the problem? I’m using Photoshop CC 2018 on a Mac with macOS High Sierra operative system. Tks


Tinak Purchased

just bought this action, followed the tut but it stops right at the beginning with “Could not make a new layer from the selection because the layer is locked” the background layer in the tut is locked so I followed the instructions and also tried it unlocked but it still doesn’t work. Please give a solution, thanks.


Hi All!

A reminder that if you require assistance with this Action or any other Sevenstyles Actions, please contact me via my support email address on the support page here.

The support page covers frequently asked questions along with updates that I have made to Actions.

This Action along with all other Sevenstyles Actions have been tested and working on the latest version of Photoshop and all other versions mentioned in the item description.

Thank you all for your support!