domain names ad-banners

domain names ad-banners

readymade ‘domain name’ ad banners.

5 color schemes : red, orange, green, blue and violet

dimensions :

available in four sizes – 128px X 256px, 128px X 128px, 256px X 64px and 256px X 128px

distribution :

5 different psd files for five color schemes containing 4 different dimensions of banners, each grouped under their own layer group and named properly.

features :

100% photoshop vector (except the dummy product images)

easy selection and placement – select the layer group and drag-n-drop onto your design

scalable – select the layer group press ctrl+t and fit according to your design

resizable background – scale the ‘base’ layer only along hight or width and it will crop the vector graphics. select along the edge vertices of ‘texture’ layer and shift-drag to fit in the texture.

editable – double click on the text layer and start typing.

customizable – double click on the gradient fills and play with the color.

fonts used :

arial – system font for mac and windows, no need to download or purchase

here are some other files created by me

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need custom design? contact me via my den page