Dots Resume ANC Cover Letter

Dots Resume ANC Cover Letter

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If any one was in the situation that I personally experienced not so long time ago you’ll know what I’m talking about. Long hours spent looking for job…hours becoming days, weeks, months…trying to stay patient and focused but slowly loosing the confidence in yourself, start asking the questions “what’s the matter with you” and depreciate the value of yourself…you are on a sliding down to inevitable personal drama unless you are smart enough to find something that’s going to revert the fortune for you.

The problem might be anywhere and hard or easy to fix, it always depends on individual conditions however without the perfectly prepared job application you can’t expect to get far in this race. Having landed my dream job mainly thanks to the attention grabbing but professional resume I know that spending a little extra time on this step pays off later on. So don’t hope for more luck, don’t be passive, show your quality. Start now with proved solution.

3 reasons to use this template:

  • prooved effective
  • easily editable through styles
  • cv and cover letter in one pack
Additional info:
  • A4 format
  • Free font: Calibri (Bold, Regular, Italic)
  • 3 colour versions
  • easily editable with texts and objects on separate layers
  • easily customisable through paragraph and character styles

choose the cv format that works best for your situation: 1-page or 2-page layout with 1page layout being increasingly in demand due to its compact form, the 2page alternative offers more space to accomodate for longer job descriptions, as well as place for your personal photo

when choosing your layout remember about the statistics saying that applications acompanied with picture are more affective comparing to those without, so weigh up the pros and cons and choose wise

cv on it’s own is very often not enough so you will find the style matching cover letter

hope, you’ll make a good use of it and say hello to your refreshed professional career