Double Exposure Templates2

Double Exposure Templates2

Double Exposure Photoshop Templates

Double Exposure Templates has been designed and developed with the best quality and great possibilities of high editing in order to be easy for designers as well as amateurs. With few simple clicks, you will get professional work done…help you produce art works in a fantastic form and with a professional manner just through very simple steps; some improvements and new developments have been added, like: capability to modify the image masks to fix the effect through hiding or showing some areas in the image. Also, you can easily move the background and fix it according to what is suitable to the other image, then adding a colored background; you can change its colors with one click. Also, there is the possibility to add shades and select other options of lighting to the image that is valid for complete modification and change.

Features :

  • 2 PSD File
  • 2000×3000 Pixel Resolution Horizontal and vertical
  • RGB Color Mode, 300 DPI
  • 100% Layered
  • 16 different shades of colors
  • Options to improve and increase lighting
  • All separated and grouped elements
  • Easy to use with one simple click
  • Amazing results with your photos
  • It works on any horizontal or vertical size of the image and with any accuracy whether it is of high or low quality

  • Photos not include

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