Easter Egg Mock-Up | Egg Mock-Up | Egg Mockup

Easter Egg Mock-Up | Egg Mock-Up | Egg Mockup

This high-quality, high-resolution Egg Mock-up | Easter Egg Mock-Up | Ornate Egg Mockup Template is a must-have for anyone wanting to Mock-up a photo-realistic 3-Dimensional Egg presentation in seconds. This is perfect for someone wanting to brand an egg with a message or graphic or for someone wanting to make their own personalised Easter Egg or festive gift cards.

Features: Egg Mock-Up | Easter Egg Mock-up | Ornate Egg Mock-up

  • 1X Hi-Res Fully Layered PSD File – Easily change with your design via editable Smart Layers
  • Simply open up the Smart Layer, Paste in your artwork and save! Watch your 2 dimensional artwork become a three dimensional product presentation in seconds! Replace Background, Floor and Egg Surface Separately, quickly & easily via Smart Object Layer!
  • 4 X Different Eggs/Textures on separate layers for photorealistic results
    • Smooth Egg Texture
    • Natural Egg Texture
    • Low Calcium Egg Texture
    • Fleck Egg Texture
  • Turn On/Off Floor Reflection
  • Automatic Floor Perspective with Adjustable Smart filters for Blur and DOF background effect!
  • Infinity Background Image Layer included
  • Adjustable Light & Shadow Layer
  • Hi-Res detail – 3507px x 2480px (A4) @ 300dpi
  • Instructional and well organised Smart Layers & Folders
  • All Templates come with Mock-Up-Militia placeholder graphics to get you going!
  • Detailed & descriptive PDF Help file also included!

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