Echo Grotesque Light

Echo Grotesque Light

An Introduction to Echo Grotesque — geometric, elegance, and readability

The new typeface, Echo Grotesque, is a contemporary, quality sans serif font.

Influenced by Futura, Gill Sans and other 20th-century models, Echo Grotesque is a classic sans-serif with some humanist features such as:

  • Relatively small x-height;
  • Open aperture;
  • Moderate contrast between strokes;
  • Slightly calligraphic influence.

Echo Grotesque has open counters and friendly proportions that give it a warm and friendly look; and a simple geometric shape makes it an elegant and efficient solution for headings and paragraphs.

While being clean and simple in its basic form, it is a strong face for news prints or publishing designs, such as magazine headlines, posters and so on.

Quick Specification

Light weight;

Manually edited kerning and OT kerning pairs.

Alternate characters a,t,e,f.

OT Stylistic sets.

“f” ligature set;


Basic Latin alphabet and German language support.

Punctuation, Currency, Math Symbols.

Update Jan 2016. New & Improved Version 1.0.2

What’s new:
  • More bugs fixed;
  • Increase the level of contrast between the thickest and the thinnest strokes of a character;
  • Changed the name of the style – “Light”.
  • Change default G, K, W, a, k, t.
  • Added more alternate shapes;
  • Added OT features;
  • Added Ligatures.

The updated version has a different font weight name than in the old font versions. You should remove old versions from your font management software before installing the new ones.

Questions? Mail me.