eCommerce/Retailer Business Plan Toolkit - A4

eCommerce/Retailer Business Plan Toolkit - A4

eCommerce / Retailer Business Plan Toolkit – A4 Landscape

16 pages Professional & Clean Indesign Print Template & Toolkit. All the elements you need to create a successful business plan presentation for eCommerce or Retailer startups at your fingertips. Well layered and organized. It also includes helpful tips and instructions inside the document to help you fill in the Business Plan fields properly.

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  • Executive Summary
  • Company Summary
  • Products & Services
  • Market Analysis Summary
  • Strategy & Implementation Summary
  • Management Summary
  • Financial Plan

Sample Tables

  • Start Up Requirements
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales Forecast
  • General Assumptions
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Projected Profit & Loss


  • A4 Landscape
  • CMYK Print Ready // 0.3cm Bleed
  • 15 Pages + Cover
  • · Professional Clean Design
  • Sections, tables and space allocation are based on real business plan presentations

Master Pages

Quickly make changes to the layout by editing the appropriate Master Pages. You don’t like where the page numbering is? Do you want to add a background or change the grid? Simply change the master page & the changes will affect the entire document.

Table, Object, Paragraph & Character Styles

The included character & paragraph styles help you define the formatting attributes that will be applied to the various text elements of the business plan. If for example you want to change the color or size or font of the titles, simply adjust the appropriate paragraph style and all other titles that share this paragraph style will get updated automatically document wide. The object styles can help you quickly transform new objects so that they match the included elements.

Global Swatches

Change the entire color scheme but simply changing the 3 main colors to the ones you like without having any object selected!

Editable vector charts

IMPORTANT: All included charts are editable vectors, but you will need Adobe Illustrator CS4 or later to open them, since this time they are included as .EPS files.

Why .EPS? You might ask. Let’s face it. Editing charts with the arrow tool is completely impractical and time-consuming. These charts are fully editable with Illustrator’s chart tool. Meaning you can input new data/values and see the charts get updated automatically, save the .EPS and your changes will reflect inside the Indesign document immediately.


  • 1x .INDD files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CC)
  • 1x .IDML files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4)
  • 5x .EPS files (compatible with Illustrator CS4 or Later)

Fonts Used:

Other Notes:

To change the color scheme simply change the 3 main colors to the ones you like without having any object selected!

To edit the chart data. Right click the chart, choose “Edit Original” and that will open them in Adobe Illustrator. There you can edit the chart and save it. That will also update it in your Indesign document.

Mockups & Images are not included and are used for preview purposes only!