Discussion on Embroidery and Stitching Photoshop Creation Kit

Discussion on Embroidery and Stitching Photoshop Creation Kit

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Yes, it does work with Photoshop CC 2019. Please send me the details of WHAT exactly doesn’t work via my profile and I will try to help you.

Please note that the most common causes for errors is the fact that not all components required have been properly installed. You have to follow the instructions in the help file.

Hello – I recently purchased your embroidery action for Photoshop. After installing the action I tried it out but repeatedly got “The command “select” is not currently available.” See attached image. Can you help me? Thanks!

I have the same question as cbarela. I keep receiving pop-up warnings that say “The command “Clear Styles” is not currently available.” or other similar action.

Hi, Please write me on my profile page to talk on email so that you can send me screenshots with the error and step of the action where it stops.

Help! I have no idea how to get this to works. Can anyone give a PS neophyte some help as to how to get this to work?

Hi, I wrote you on email.

this doesn’t work and spits out out errors like the command “select” is not currently available. you should be ashamed by selling this

Hi, please write me on my profile page to talk on email. For many other people worked. The error could be due to PS version or you are not using it right.

Bought it, and it kinda worked. It was correctly installed in Photoshop cc2014, but kept bringing p error messages. The help file is useless, and frankly its claim that “Little Photoshop Skills Required” is BS. I’m not bad on PS: while I’m not that experienced with vector work, when it comes to pixel-pushing I’m good, and I can handle some vector work. But I can’t get a lot of the ancillary commands (i.e., “fill shape with embroidery”) to work at all.

And honestly, engaging in an email exchange with the author is a waste of my time. I just want the damn plug-in action to work.

Don’t waste your money. There are better action sets out there which actually deliver and which don’t need online hand-holding.

Hi, please write me on my profile page to talk on email and to send me screenshots. Usually ONLY THE FIRST error is important, the other ones are due to the first one. The action is not complicated to use. It may seem that way because the pack includes so many actions.

El PDF de ayuda que se incluye no señala la forma en que debe aplicarse todas las acciones y pinceles, podrias ayudarme a darme un tutorial donde se explique paso a paso de forma clara?

por favor escríbeme en mi página de perfil para hablar por correo electrónico

Can u upload a video cause i dont understand how to use the plugin after the document.

I don’t have a video. Please write me on my profile page to talk on email.