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Common troubleshooting. When i tried to apply it to my image, PHOTOSHOP says “the object layer 1 is not currently available. ” how can i fix this? any advice? Or the same issues…

First off!!! Ensure you are running the action in the graver-source.psd file!

1. Open graver-source.psd file FIRST.

2. Open your image file.

3. Place your image into the graver-source.psd document. (drag&drop or copy&paste).

Another options:

1. Delete the entire set of actions. Unarchive the engraver.zip and reinstall actions. (probably archive error ).

2. Make shure the graver-source.psd file is always in the initial state before to start.

3. Make sure you put a SINGLE flat file (not a group, for example, or a file with effects). Layer can be with transparency.

4. Make sure the active (selected) layer is the EXACT one you’ve placed.

5. What is language of Photoshop? Although, I specially made so that does not depends on language (layers renamed in figures).

6. What is version of Photoshop? In General, all actions have the same algorithm. Therefore, it is difficult to understand what’s going on here.

If you want, send me the PSD file saved in the moment the script is interrupted. Write me personal, I’ll answer you.

How to scale image

Generally the graver-source.psd is a scalable file. Layers with strokes – it’s a smart objects. So you can enlarge the image with almost no losses after processing. The only layer you want to manually adjust is a layer called “00” (the top of stack). If you’ll increase file size it may lose contrast. Increase contrast by correcting Levels or Unshurp mask for example . Another way is to enlarge the sourse document before run actions. Enlarge source file, place your picture into and start an action.

In addition you may download a bit dense and with higher resolution graver-source.psd file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxB-3wJOkP2Qckl2c3BCT2hZWVU/view?usp=sharing

But keep in mind that the original grid is most balanced file.

Additional suggestion for bug fixing (thanks Quartpot)

I hope that this helps other people who have problems with Engraver: I read the instructions and FAQs many times, I deleted Engraver and reinstalled it. But when I dragged a thumbnail of my picture onto graver-source and then clicked on the Actions ‘go’ arrow I did not get the Curves like you show in your video. The first thing that happened was I got: ‘The command ‘XXXX’ is not currently available’. XXXX can be Desaturate, Levels, Curves, but most of the time it is Threshold. I clicked Continue (nothing happened automatically like in the video) and after doing that about 9-10 times I had a black and white picture, but it was made up of dots and lines, not the engraving texture in your YouTube video. But I discovered that if I opened my picture in another Photoshop window, dragged it across to the graver-source window and resized (Control + T) it then things worked properly.