Engraver Action Script for Photoshop

Engraver Action Script for Photoshop

High Quality Engraver Action Script

Update info 12-04-2014
- two new engraving textures added
- help file updated

Easy to use Photoshop engraver action script set. Set of scripts that will easily turn any photo into engraving. Process is extremely simple and easy to use. Check live video demo to see available features and possibilities integrated in this action set.

Engraved photo is “live photo” (until template is flattened) so it gives possibility to edit engraving levels or texture, edit source photo (retouching, editing levels, brightness…), colorisation… and see all changes instantly on final engraved photo without running scripts again.

Scripts are coming with detailed help file describing each available function.

Check live video demo @

Technical Specifications
- 3000×3000 px (10×10in / 254×254mm print size) / RGB / 300 dpi template
- 5 different engraving textures (updated 12-04-2014)
- 5 predefined engraving intensities
- tested on Photoshop CS3, CS4 and CS5.

Please read Help file before using scripts to avoid possible mistakes.

Main download contains set of actions, textures and help file.

Please check Preview set for more previews.

Photos used for preview and/or live demo are not included in main download!

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