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Good Stuff! This is a must have! 8-)

Thank you so much for saying so StuntDriver!

very useful graphic set !!! This is “must have” item. Bravo :)

Thank you so much for saying so ZareV!

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Respect )

Very useful kit… Professional grade graphics, well organized, easy to customize, excellent value. A huge time saver!

Very glad I chose this. Thanks, designfire!

Thank you so much jcov, so glad you found it so valuable!

Used this set to create my banners for advertising.Easy to use and the banners generated huge amount of clicks.

Very pleased – Highly recommended!

So great to hear Uniquefx – glad it is working out!

Will this work in older versions of Photoshop? CS2 ?

I think it will work in CS2 , I wish I could tell you for sure though. I honestly can’t think of any CS4 tools like 3D that are needed. Hope that helps :)

Thank you very much for this great banners. If would be awesome to have 250×250px and 150×150px banners.

Could you please add this two formats?


Is there any way to edit the ‘Mighty Widget’ image. I just see it as a .png file which has no layers. My product is not named ‘Mighty Widget’ so this is doesn’t help with my particular product. Is there a way to edit this image in Photoshop?


Hi YoungMoney, No, the image is just a placeholder to be replaced by an image of your products. There are box creation graphics that you could use to make a similar image, e.g.

Hope that helps

Thank you ursdesigner!

Nice work dude! :)

i can’t edit the texte and object of the box in PSD

Hi bazdigue – apologies for this very late response (I look at Graphic River very infrequently these days). As for the box that is only meant to be a place holder for whatever your actual product is.