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Wow, this is amazing! Very great work.. :)

Thank you very much :)

was expecting this here :P

Thanks Daniel :)

Amazing work man ;)

Many thanks buddy… :)

Hey dude…this is a great idea! Bookmarked! :)

Thank you very much!!! Great to hear :)

Elad!!! This guys is giving your file away for free on deviantart! [url removed]

I submitted a ticket to support to help you ok!

Many thanks dude! Much appreciated… I think he got banned :D

:D Amaaazing cover

Hi EladChai,

This type of work is very, very, very exceptionally good work!

Gonna send you a PM ;-)

Hi, I’m really flattered. Thanks a lot for the kind words, it’s much appreciated. I also have a full size flyer for this design. :)

there is nothing here the download is blank white psd with no layers and nothing there! can you please check the file you offering on ENATO

Hello, the blank white layer is to reduce the PSD size for faster download. Please enable the layers panel and simply delete the white layer and you will see the design (it’s 100% fully layerd). Let me know if you need further help.