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WOW , awesome work man. I love the details!

Many thanks Mike, these kind words make it worth the effort.

Thanks man..

this deserve to cost at least $3 not $2, it is great designed and it have lot of details. Very good job buddy, and good luck with sales :) this one rocks!!!

Thanks alot cooledition, if only others could appreciate the hard work I put \:

Very cool design!!! :)

Glad you like it (:

This looks very very nice! :) A lot of work, indeed!

Be sure to set the correct Photoshop version – if you really use smart objects I’m pretty sure they don’t work in CS. As far as I remember they became available in CS2 …


Hi soundrepository,

Thanks for the compliments and for noticing the CS version, I edited the text to CS2 in order to avoid any misunderstandings in future.

Best regards.

I love it but the FB template is only 72dpi. I wish that the dpi was in the description. :(

Hi monoko,

For you knowledge, 72 DPI is the correct DPI for web purposes.

Best regards.

Really beautiful :)

Thank you very much :)

ahi, go be skype o masheu, roche lagit leha masheu.

does this file include the full Facebook template as we see it in the picture with the computer screen? looks awesome thanks.


You get only the Timeline cover as shown at the screenshots below.

LCD mockup is not included.

Great work! Thank you very much. We are using all your green spring works. If you have an update of the fb banner for retina displays pls let me know.

You are very welcome! I’m really happy to hear that you’re satisfied with your purchases, it’s very much appreciated. Thanks for your purchases and don’t forget to rate the items and follow for new designs (:

Awesome cover! Keep it up! :)

Thank you very much :)

Love this! Please do Summer, Winter, and Fall! I’ll get them all!

Thank you, that’s great to hear!

I might do those as well :) Don’t forget to rate and follow.

Looking forward to Summer, Winter, and Fall Templates! Please, Please :-)

Thank you! :)

hi I have a problem with changing to my photos; need your help. I using Photoshop cc 2017 version; thank you

I fixed it! very nice work! thanks

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve missed your message. Gald to hear you got it to work. For further assistance you can always contact me via

Please don’t forget to rate :) Thanks!