Fire Flame Action

Fire Flame Action

just draw or type a word like the previwe, then play the action .

simple (:

you are beginner ! no problem :

(see this tutorial ( ))

Font is not included you can use all of strong and bold fonts with this action or draw and use action .

size is very big and 1500×3000 tested on one charectur.

(means for example 2 charectur (A)and(B ) A+B size is = 1500×3000 + 1500×3000 )

included files:

1 – Atn File(Actions)

2 – PSD File (For actions guide Examples)

3 – Text help

3.5 – Big wishes for you (;

you can open this action in cs 3 – 4 – 5 (but best performance and usefuul is in cs 5)

just : ( it be better quality ) make file in 1500×300 px 300 DPI

in this file is 5 action (make fire ,make smoke ,make blue fire , pink fire , 3 colors fire)

These actions work is nice with dark colors and textures, same as in the preview.

actions gives you transparent layer for use every background.

Just please dont forget fill the stars in Downloads Section :superbashfulcute::superbashfulcute::superbashfulcute::superbashfulcute::superbashfulcute: Thanks