Flag Mockup

Flag Mockup

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This product is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, CS5 Extended, CS6 Extended and later. Please make sure you Photoshop version contains 3D tools.

To quickly check this: if “3D” menu appear in you photoshop – this product will compatible with you photoshop version.

How To Use:

Please watch tutorial video below:

If you see the wireframe on the flag, please change the “Surface Rendering Style” on the “Unlit Texture”:

Flag Mockup features:

  • 9 pre made psd;
  • Easy and fast editing via Smart-Objects;
  • Fully organizaed layers and folders;
  • High resolution: 4000×3000px;
  • Photorealistic result;
  • Changeable background;
  • Help file;
All Images were used for presentation purposes and aren't included in the main download

Flag Mockup video demonstration

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Flag Mockup - 62

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