Flat All Purpose PowerPoint Template

Flat All Purpose PowerPoint Template

Showcase apps, websites, presentations, case studies, company overviews, and so much more!

All Purpose is the most versatile PowerPoint template on the market. Create app walkthroughs, case studies, company overviews, and so much more, all with stunning 1920×1080 clarity! Each and every page of All Purpose has been professionally concepted and designed, allowing you to easily and quickly create modern presentations that match your brand.

Free, fully-editable, razor sharp graphics including mobile devices, web browsers, icons, and maps (to name a few,) make it easy to create a presentation that will leave a lasting impression.

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Features Overview

  • 32 unique slides
  • Working navigation
  • Every graphic, icon, device, chart, map etc is included! All Purpose is completely self-contained with no external assets to fiddle with, download, or insert
  • No need for Photoshop, external pngs, jpgs, or any other files or programs. All Purpose is truly cutting edge and lets you edit colors and all, right inside the template
  • All assets are fully-editable, and fully-scalable without quality loss
  • No fonts to download. All Purpose uses only 1 system font, Gill Sans
  • Tasteful animations
  • Subtle slide transitions
  • Master Pages
  • Small filesize (a mere 1.8 mb)