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Simply amazing :D Bookmarked!

Appreciate it, mate… Thanks :D

keren gan…content ny bnyk

Iya, lagi niat :D Makasih, mas bro

mantap gan, generatornya kita pakai untuk salah satu game kita di ios

sukses terus !!!

Wah waaaah asik nih! Bisa nih join2 project. ;) Check portfolio Ane ya bro! Mudah2an bisa kerjasama :)

Hi, I’m having a problem getting this to work in CS5

It gets thru the Go Fluffy action wihout issues and then when it hits the Grow Fluffy action it gives the following error The object “action “2. Grow Fluffy!” of set etc etc is not available.

Any Help Appreciated

Hi, Thanks for purchasing :) Hope it help and have a nice day.

Hi :-) Had read thru the instructions and watched the video I’m including a screen shot to show you what is happening



I can see that you have renamed the first Actions set.. that’s the problem came from. :)

Sorry for the double post

Hehe. Nevermind ;) It happens sometimes

I dont want to seem rude or disrespectful however I haven’t renames anything as you can see from this screen shot of the winrar view inside the zip file that shows the name of the action files within the zip and the date last modified which is OCT 2011


All I have done is load the actions and pressed the play arrow as per instructions.

However now that you have pointed this out as a possible issue, I will rename them to what they evidently should have been to begin with.

If there continues to be a problem I will post back


It’s okay. Thank you very much for reporting this new issue.
So, the .atn files that provided in the package was correct:
• FMG Action 1.atn
• FMG Actions 2.atn, and
• FMG Action 3.atn
But, when user install them to Photoshop, the result name that showed in the Actions panel become: FMG1 , FMG2 Curly, and FMG3 Curliest.
I don’t know, it seems have different results for different OS (Mac/Win). For Mac user, everything is working well.
But maybe for Windows user, maybe they should rename the Actions set manually.

I’m using Win7 64bit and PS5 .1, not sure if that info is helpful to you or not?

I renamed each atn file back to what you indicated it should have been..eg FMG1 .atn instead of FMG Action 1.atn which when I checked, also changed the name of the folder in the loaded action file in photoshop back to the correct name

Now that I have done this all atn files work without any problems

Thanks :)

Yeaay \m/
Happy flufying! Enjoy

Hey there.

Am I allowed to use the monsters in a commercial product that will be for resale. You only have a regular license. I don’t see an extended license. Thank you so much.

So much fun!! Thanks!


Looks great :) I just want to check. All comments here are so old so I just want to know if this is still supported before I go ahead and buy?


Soo, is this still supported?

Is result 300 dpi for printing?

Will it work with Photoshop CC?