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Thank you IK.. :D

wonderful work yd-labs

Thanks a lot.. :)

5 stars given. This should come in useful. Thank you.

No problem. Quick question, any clue how I would convert this to A5? It looks awesome for my current A4 flyers, but I want to keep the same look for all my flyers and, unfortunately, my older flyers are A5/A6 :\ .. any tips would be appreciated. Thanks again.


There is no need to convert it to A5/A6

Simply double click on smart object (YOUR DESIGN HERE layer in psd file) & paste your flyer/screenshot in it now select Free Transform tool with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T (Win) / Command+T (Mac) & increase the size of your flyer/screenshot to fit the smart object. Than save it, it will automatically update your design in main psd file..

I hope it helps.. :)

Works like a charm, thanks for the tip and, again, great job on this mockup.

Hi, there is a problem with your mockup:

When I open the smart-object layer, save and close back to main layer, the image becomes disorientated. The same happens whether I make any changes or not.

Have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBe371QcmhE

Please fix or refund.


I’ve sorted it! I just downloaded Photoshop CS5 and it works. Please change your minimum requirements to CS5, as it does NOT work on Photoshop CS3.

I am glad that problem is solved, & thanks for your suggestion.. :)