Discussion on Food Menu Pack 1

Discussion on Food Menu Pack 1

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Hi, purchased this and it drive me crazy.

When I write for example: 46. Swedish meatballs it shows up like this: Swedish meatballs .46

or when I write like this: Swedish hash (pytt i panna) it shows up like this: )Swedish hash (pytt i panna

With other words, the letters do not stay where I write them?

What can I do with this?

Looks awesome! :)

Thanks :)

Hi, Awesome design! I was wondering how it works if I want to make a quick customize this template?


That’s what I do, but it moves whole the page!

No worries, it works with free transform :) Thanks again.

Any time ;)

Greetings, I just bought the producto. What programs you suggest me to have installed on my PC to open it for start working with the template?

Hi, Thanks For Purchasing My Product. You just need photoshop but you must have a little experience to be able to edit it.

I get crazy man. Im not a pro at Photoshop but used it for a few years.

When I try to write for example: 2 Boiled Eggs it shows as Boiled Eggs 2

Whatever I do the numbers end up at the end…. drive me nuts…

What to do?

It is a problem in all photoshop versions . You can remove the space between 2 and Eggs , you can also type the number 2 in text and the words in other text .

Nice work on menu… but there is something really annoying… all the text if formatted on Arabic engine… Right to left. Meaning if I want to type Questions? ... it ends up looking like ?Questions I tried setting it back to default engine, removing arabic.. but nothing. I ended up having to create all new text layers. I guess if I had the same version of PS I might have been able to switch the engine? Not sure?

Hi, Thank you for the templates. When I try to print out the menu the color is not the same as it is on my computer. I Tried printing cmyk & rgb color and it’s not work. I was wondering if you could help solve that issue?

I’d appreciate it.

I purchased this and the Table Tent is not constructed as the image look. It have no bottom so I have to redo the whole themplate. Please send me a correct file!

Thanks for purchasing my item . i will update the file as soon as possible and i will tell you when i do that

Have you added this tent yet?

Yup , I have updated the item

very nice design :)

thanks :)

cool original work and colors ;) GLWS ;)

Many Thanks :)

Great work, well done :)

thanks :)

excellelelelelelelelelelelelelelelent :)

thnxxxxx :)


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