Discussion on Food Truck Menu Flyer

Discussion on Food Truck Menu Flyer

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Very cool logo for the truck :)

Thank you!

Finaly a food truck item! Great One Mate. If i earn some more bucks here i definitely buy a food truck and rule my city. Keep up the good food.

Thanks !

Hey mate, is there an easy way to change the image – keeping the aspect ration and angle etc the same as the template images? Love it bro – we have had so many great comments on our version of your menu. Sweet As, Dan from New Zealand.

Sorry, cancel question. Clipping mask etc – too easy! Cheers.

Awesome, cheers from California USA

Hi, So, I purchased this design, downloaded the trial version of Photoshop and I must say, that I’m completely lost. :s :(

I read that it was easy to edit so I didn’t really look into the program that much. I thought I could use Publisher or something. I’m trying to change the wording on the front… and where is the reverse? I’m so confused and overwhelmed right now, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Hello and thanks for purchasing the menu flyer. You do need some sort of experience using photoshop and its build in system of layers. If you look into the layers panel you’ll find the exact layer you need for changing text and opening each element of the design.

This design does NOT open in publisher because it is strictly a photoshop exclusive menu.

Thanks for the quick reply.

It took a day of fooling around with Photoshop, watching tutorials, but I’m getting used to the program now. :)

I should have read more into what your design was about before purchasing, but it was so amazing that I couldn’t help myself but to purchase it right away!

I know it’s probably a lot to ask since it’s my fault I bought a design for a program I know hardly anything about, but could you answer a couple of questions?

In the layers “block”, I can no longer see the “Back” and “Front” tab. All it says is “Layer 0”. I don’t want to start over :(...

I’m also wondering if you can answer i52’s question above.

Thanks a million!

Perhaps you turned the layer off by unchecking the layer “eye” out? That hides the layers you don’t want to display in your design.

I forgot to mention that I can only open one of the documents. I’m assuming the one I can’t open is the food items and price page.

The main file has both front and back parts. Please look into the Back layer for the back section of the menu.

Hello, Can we easily change the color of the truck? Is it a smart object? Thanks!

That depends on your level of knowledge of photoshop.

Excellent Presentation!

Thank you my friend, have a great day.

Hi, I just purchased and downloaded the food truck menu. When I went to open it we got a _MACOSX file containing only one item which is the foodtruckmenu.psd file. We’re using Microsoft Vista. After opening it in AI CS3 we only got the truck flyer and no menu template. There is only one layer and we can’t do anything with it. How do I go about it from here?? Thanks Champ.

Hello, please look under the layers panel, you’ll find two folders. Folder 1 is the front, Folder 2 is the back.

Thanx champ. Was using the wrong program. Awsome outlay. Great work!

Awesome, have an excellent day.

I’m not able to open the file once I download it. I have Windows and the file seems to be a MAC file :( Please help.

what is your email?

Open the layers window to look at all of the layers..

my email is for any info/help you can assist me with. I appreciate it! :)

Hello, nice one, can i change the trucks pics to my trucks pics? thanks

Yes, you can do what ever you want on your flyer. You will just need to have a similar picture and be able to cut the background out. Please understand that this might require a higher level of Photoshop experience.

I’m ready to buy this today, but the font link you included in the description is no good. Can you help?

I guess you can try it here