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The meaning of creativity = Ali ;)

Thanks so much mate :)

Excelent!! Great job!!

Thanks mate :)

Good job! Awesome flyer :)

Thanks Elad.. Glad you liked it bro :)

truly a piece of art!! amazing job!!

Thanks mate.. Glad you liked it :)

You are clever, nice work :)

Thanks mate :)

Hi there. Where can I buy the football player model you used? Thanks, great design!

Sure the player is a stock photo which you can buy.. please send me a message through my profile page, and i’ll email you the link..

Hi there. Is the background: football field and stadium covered by the extended license?

I cant edit the “college playoffs” as it states in the advertising. Please tell me how I can edit this.

ok I will check now.

found it! thanks

You explain in your email to me that the “college playoffs” are not editable but rather a smart object…and then direct me to a YouTube video tutorial explaining how to use smart objects.

This is not what you describe in the description of the template. You say “editable main text” which certianly indicates that it can be edited (not import another object on that file and make it fit, which is a smart object).

You even display a graphic that points to the texts and says “editable main text”. In your description, you indicate “You can easily change Texts…”

Simply put, you failed to say that you have to design and import a smart object in order to ‘edit’ edit the main text.

We ask for a refund based on this misrepresentation.

I think if i double click on the smart object i can edit it then. correct? If so, we can work with this. thanks

I’m sorry to hear that.. but if you double click the smart object icon you can easily edit the text.. this file has been sold 216 and i’ve never had any complaints on text editing.. since this files assumes that the users have basic knowledge of photoshop.. if you still can’t manage to edit it, please send a request to envato for a refund, since i can’t execute refunds on my end… regards

great work and i really like it ;) GL