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Wonderful work. If I ever will make a game, be sure that I will use your design ;)

Thank you! Good luck, good sales!

I love your design!!!

Thank you! Your art is awesome!

Great work. It looks amazing!

Are you include animation objects?

No, if asset has animation I always attach it

If I purchase Game Set can you recommended me what animation use for window, objects etc.?

Can you add more share button? I need /

You can contact me I’ll send these 2 buttons later

sent you letter

can you recommend a font for Cyrillic?

Can you send me horizontal version background?

This asset doesn’t have horizontal version background

do you have all the maps? i only see one

Oh, I’m sorry.. I am creating now seamless vetical maps for lots levels, but they are in different style :(

ok thank you, i will buy it anyway :)

Ok, thank you! When I finish new forest map I’ll sent it to you (hope next week)

it would be fantastic if you could do an item update :) i that could be an bestseller thanks Vince

Hello. What update do you need?

Great work! I want to buy. Can I get a sample of psd?

Hello! I’m not sure this is legal.