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It’s a useful template and a cool idea, however it is only 72 dpi and not suitable for print. Perhaps a second set of files with room for bleed would of been nice too.

If you DO have a higher resolution version of at least the splatter graphic it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for purchaising the item Neon,

The templates are created to be used as online documents, but this doesnt mean the recepient cannot print them out. Printing the documents to hold hard copies is possible via home or office printers. However, i see your point and i agree with. I will create 1 blank empty page at 300 dpi and add it to the set. Please check back in a few days and redownload the item. :)

Thank you thomas, much appreciated. This template was a great starting point for making my own documents and stationary. I’m quite pleased with the results. Looking forward to being able to re-do it print size once I get the higher-res images.

Very good dude, impressive. :D

Just bought it, good stuff! I didn’t actually think that the side bar on the left with the vertical text was actually apart of the page, I thought it was just for presentation. But I’m still happy with it anyway.

Hi Cyrem and thanks for purchaising the templates kit. I didnt want to mess the background with the page contents, thats why i decided to keep the vertical text in the “background” folder. You can edit the text on the left sidebar…it is in the “background folder” on the layers panel. Actually reading through the “Help” file, you can find all details on how to modify your templates. If you have any questions or need help, pleaase feel free to ask me and i’ll do my best to help you :)

thanks for the comment HarveyDesign

@all, i just want to inform you that now an “blank page template” at 300DPI is included in the package and you can use it in case you need to create other stuff like corporate stationery. The updated file is in the queue for review and will be available in some days…i’ll let you know once this happens :-).


thanks for the feedback elreto

i see people purchaise my file but then rate it low…thought, i have explained in detail what the file is about and there is a full image preview of what you get. I would like to hear buyer’s opinions and see why they rate this file so low…what is the reason you read the item description…then purchaise the item and then rate it low?

One of the best materials here in graphicriver.net Congrats..

Thanks for purchasing the item and for your compliment spencerscreative, much apprecaited :)

Ahh.. I remember seeing it after long time. This had been the file which inspired me to come at Graphicriver in the first place. Looked awesome and still looks the best. Since you’ve declared to come back at GR, let me be the first one to welcome you back thomas. Looking forward to see more of your items.

Thank you so much for your compliment…i am happy to be back :-) ...soon i am going to add some new textures and some PSDs to my GR portfolio.

Will this work in photoshop elements? Or something other than adobe?

it will work only in photoshop.