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I appear to be missing the original style icons in colour as individual PNG files.

Are you able to send me those please?


Hi, for some reason I did not get a notification for this. How do I send you this privately? Is it not attached to my account information? Thanks for your help.

please use my profile page: and use email to azisher at the bottom-right

Great, thanks for your help! I’ve sent you an email.

Hi, we like these icons and we need most of them but there 2 icons missing that we really need them to be included for us to buy this collection, and these are: Graduation hat and a tourism icon. Are you able to include these two icons for us?

Hi Adeninootari, sorry for late reply. please send me your email, and I’ll make graduation hat and a tourism icon for you.

thank you, we purchased from someone else, as you never replied on time. next time.

Your master file list is missing the “web-guard” (arrow with ninja) in the SVG folder. Please send this file to me asap and update!

I dont have the long shadow version in my package! Why?

this one do not update anymore?