Friendly Looking Weather Themed Icons

Friendly Looking Weather Themed Icons

Awesome set of modern flat design icons for for Weather themes. Designed as vectors on very organized layers, the creative concepts and design elements are suitable for both mobile and web applications. The icons are customizable and easy to edit and resize.

Sunny icon
Foggy day icon
Partialy sunny day icon
Mostly cloudy day icon
Cloudy icon
Rainy day icon
Sunny day with rain icon
Thunderstorms icon
Snowy day icon
Fogg/ Mist icon
Umbrella alert icon
Rain icon
Showers day icon
Windy day icon
Snow alert icon

Moon icon
Foggy night icon
Partialy cloudy night icon
Mostly cloudy night icon
Cloudy night icon
Rainy night icon
Clear night with rain icon
Thunderstorms at night icon
Snowy night icon
Fogg/ Mist night icon
Umbrella alert night icon
Rain night icon
Showers night icon
Windy night icon
Snow alert night icon