Fuji Palette Lightroom Presets

Fuji Palette Lightroom Presets

Fuji Palette Lightroom Presets

A set of 24 Lightroom Presets High quality results, easy to use and time savers

The item works perfectly with RAW, JPG, TIFF & DNG

Film Emulator

Lightroom filters emulate traditional film toning and grain

Color Enhace

Toning enhacement, lights and shadows correction

Grain Texture

3 Grain Presets & 7 Film Presets with grain setup

How to import Presets

Before you can import presets into Lightroom, you must un-zip the downloaded preset file

- Open Lightroom
- Navigate to “Develop”
- On the left, in the Preset tab, Right Click and select “New Folder”
- Name the folder after the preset batch you’ve purchased and are importing
- Right Click on the folder you’ve created and select “Import”
- Navigate to the desired preset folder
- Batch select all presets within the folder and select “Import”
- Now you can begin coloring!

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