Discussion on Function App Icons 275 (With Free Bonus)

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Great job on these icons. Saw you posting on WebAppers.

Great set! Question though- are the icons in the preview the only size they come in, or do they come larger?

@blabus Yeah they only come in one size mate, 48×48 px


I bought all three of your icon-sets. My first ever purchases, and the sole reason I signed up for GraphicRiver. Had three dollars left so bought a business card too, but WOW .

These are really quite stunning. Great job! I’ll be using these on the Oaven website.

Really nice Icon set glad I can use them in my software project.

you really did a lot of work here. Very nice.

Very Nice, I wish they were offered in a scalable format or a little larger though :(


Thinking about using these in a software product – just a quick question about sizing.

Read above that the only size included is 48×48. If I manually scale these down in photoshop (e.g. 32×32 & 16×16), will the quality still be excellent?



Nice set bro. Only thing stopping us from buying them is the size 48×48. It would be great to see at a max of 256×256. Great work all the same.

I want to make SWEET SWEET LOVE to these icons!

Do you have the .ai or .psd file for these. I need these as well. If not I can’t use these for a project I’m doing for a client and will need a refund on this.