Funky House Party/Club Flyer

Funky House Party/Club Flyer

This design is ideal for a party, nightclub or club event, birthday party, outdoor event or private/public gathering. Easy to edit PSD means you will be ready to print in no time. Designed to be easy to read at a glance and packed with detail to keep the reader’s eye attracted.


300 DPI CMYK (Print Ready) 4”x6” (4.25×6.25 with bleeds)

Key Features

  • Complete layered PSD – easy to edit grouped layers separating text from details.
  • Colour Control Layers control the overall colour scheme
  • All text uses Layer Styles to achieve effects – just type away with no messing around.
  • Massive speaker made up of several shape layers – easy to edit, tweak and style.
  • Everything is layered and built using shape layers; move stickers, sticky tape, club labels and text.
  • No missing bits; remove a something and there is design underneath – no messy layers or gaps.
  • Ideal for print or even web/website use – rip up the design for all it’s individual parts

This flyer is ready to go; just edit the text and send for print. Change colours using 3 pre-built colour control layers or make your own – overall colours easy to change and update to suit your needs.


  • Stickers.
  • Stickytape + layer styles.
  • Illustrator .AI file full of scribbles.
  • Massive amounts of control.

Font details & download information included in .txt document.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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