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Lovely design and good typo..

Thank you for good words!

Love the design. Need to let people know it is a flattened file. I would not have bought had I known that. Please update with files opened.

I have already sent to graphicriver 6 flyers in a similar style. 3 of which you can see. But I can only update one flyer. The other of the flyers I have only one layer of background :( sorry

The next flyers that I will be making will be with editable background layer. Thank you for your feedback! This is very important. And now I’ll add a description to the with file information about flattened file.

Awesome work!

Thank you!

Great design. Thanks for putting it together. However, I too am disappointed by the flattened file. Any chance you can send me an updated one with an editable background image? Thank you.

AMENDMENT! In the flyers starter from the futuristic vol.5 and minimal vol.3 background can be edited.

Hello, I updated flattened background on layered background. I’ll let you know in the comments when the team envato make my updates available to you. Thank you for your purchase.

Why is the background flattened? I do need to add my own background but is not possible because the whole design doesn’t have layers, just the text…

Thank you very much!! You are the best!

Thank you for your kind words!