Game Assets for Asteroids Crusher

Game Assets for Asteroids Crusher

Game Assets for Asteroids Crusher

Full package of graphics (game kit) for the game like Asteroids.

Idea of the game:
  • This is the real-time, arcade game.
  • Player controls spaceship and shoots to asteroids.
  • When asteroid gets hit, it cracks several times.
  • When asteroid hits the ship, player loses one of his lifes.
  • The main goal is to destroy as many asteroids as possible and to survive as long as you can.
  • During the game you are able to collect power-ups which have influence on the game.
  • Player must pay attention to the fuel level and collect “Fuel Power-Up”.
  • The game ends when the player has no more lifes.

What you get in this Game Kit?

  • 5 spacecrafts (3 which you could control and 2 kind of enemies: mother-ship and basic unit)
  • 15 asteroids (each with some additional frames with different destructions level)
  • Animated explosions
  • Weapons (laser, plasma, rockets, super ray, cluster bombs, super shield)
  • 4 parallax space backgrounds with stars, planets, moon, Earth, nebula
  • GUI with buttons, menu, HUD, logo, splash screen, shop (called “armory” in the game)
  • 16 power-ups, 10 items for shop (x 5 levels), 25 button icons
  • GUI and in-game mock-ups

Graphics include:

  • 100% vector (except part of the layers in backgrounds), full-layered PSD files,
  • PNG assets with transparent background for high resolution displays up to 2048×1536 px (like iPad with Retina display),
  • animated GIF files (i.e. super shield, parallax backgrounds).

If you need any help with this set please contact with me.

Parallax backgrounds:

Parallax Background Animation 1

Parallax Background Animation 2

Parallax Background Animation 3

Parallax Background Animation 4

Used fonts:

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