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Thanks Giallo

nice collection!

Thanks Muzi

Nice… great job! Presentation rocks too! :D


very nice! keep it up!

Thanks KJ

hey im a big fan ive already purchased all 3 of these game style packs … is there any way i could be able to purchase the bonus pack without repurchasing all three of these please :)

Hey Thanks =). umm i dont think GraphicRiver will let me do that. but if you want you can email me. and i can make you a custom made one’s for you .

whats your email ithink ive purchased all styles by this point lol your dope sir! :D

Thanks for this wonderful pack there the best! :)

hello undustrykidz i have bought this pack and gonna buy the movies & games but i need some diffrent packs with custom wht ever you do any way could you make me a mw2,minecraft,5 diffrent scratched metal a bit rusty,fallout 3 and new vegas and make me a custom one JUST for my name so it looks amazing on that name the name would be robobaby41

all this for 5-12$ or wat? plz do this for me


please email me for any questions . go to my page and send me a message

Brilliant Pack!

perfect !!!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much