GD Real Proposal 01 + Invoice + Contract

GD Real Proposal 01 + Invoice + Contract

GD_Real Proposal 01 + Invoice + No Dummy Web Contract

The GD_Proposal 01 is an example of the use for a large e-commerce enabled web site project. This sample also includes a proposal for an integrated CD-ROM business card presentation.

This is a really useful content helping you to get started. NO DUMMY TEXT. You can use actual proposals as a guide when writing your own unique business proposal. This is a good example to follow for any software or web related business selling their services.


  • It’s Real text – Not Dummy – Not Lorem Ipsum!!!
    >>> Web Site Development Agreement (US Law) <<<

What’s Inside Pack:

  • Proposal (25 pages): InDesign & MS Word, A4 & Letter size
  • Contract (5 pages): InDesign & MS Word, A4 & Letter size
  • Completion Form (1 page): InDesign & MS Word, A4 & Letter size
  • Invoice (1 page): AI Illustrator & MS Excel, A4 & Letter size

Proposal includes:

Cover Letter
Table of Contents (Can update with one click through InDesign TOC feature)


Executive Summary
The Project
Technical Approach
Production Schedule
Project Deliverables
Cost Summary
Project Management
Training Plan
MyCompany, Inc.
Case Studies
Company History


  • Organized Folder, Organized Layer
  • Easy to modify, Fully editable
  • 300 DPI, CMYK Color
  • Printing Bleeds and Guidance are included
  • Master Pages, Layers, Automated Table of Contents
    Table Styles, Cell Styles, Character Styles, Paragraph Styles

Download Includes:

  • All files in InDesign CS5.5 (indd)
  • Interchange files for use in versions below CS5.5 (idml & inx)
  • MS Word file (docx & doc)
  • MS Excel file (xlsx & xls)
  • Preview file (pdf)
  • Help file (pdf)

Font Used:

  • Minion Pro & Myriad Pro
    • You can change type to any Font you like. Character and paragraph styles setup for easy editing and font changes.


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