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Love it!!!!!

Thanks you Depmod :)

Thanks you Kapacyko

Thanks you Michael :)

Thanks you Alex :)

Thanks you my friend :)

Thanks you mate! :)

Thanks you mate!:)

Wow! Nice concept! :)

Thanks you m8 :)

I don’t really understand the licensing. I’m starting a tournament company and I would like this to be the primary logo. Is that possible?


The about the license is easy, this is a logo template for this reason a lot of can have the same logo, is a non-exclusive logo. You can use it as your brand logo without problems.

Anyways you can send me a mail to this email adress for talk better: bosstwinsart@hotmail.com

Thanks for quick response, I will contact you if I have any further question.

Great one :)

Thanks you for purchase the logo. I’m glad you like it :)

Great Job ! Very pleased with my purchase !

Keep up the good work. :)

Thanks you for buy the logo. I’m glad you’re pleased with the logo! :)

Just for your curiosity, it will be used for a little gaming community : http://www.leshommesailes.fr/

Here is our new Logo :

Looks great! I have seen your site and twitch channel. I’m a huge fan of video games, for this reason I’m so glad you use my logo!

Thanks you for show me the logo application in your site.

Regards :)

We are a french community. If everything goes as expected our new website will be up the 1st of November. Don’t be afraid to say “Hi” and maybe come play a game or two :)

Yeah! I will do that :)