GEO - Premium Nature / Landscape Actions Set

GEO - Premium Nature / Landscape Actions Set

Geo Actions

Geo is a set of actions that will help you enhance and modify landscape pictures in just a few clicks. By combining the actions you may achieve a great number of results such as changing time of the day, weather conditions, seasonal colors and other factors.


  • 14+ Actions for landscapes pictures
    • Earlier this morning
    • A nice day
    • Sunny Afternoon
    • Time to go home
    • Later today
    • That moment after Sunshine
    • Cloudy day (Low/High)
    • Rain (Normal/Custom Angle)
    • Frozen
    • Snow (Low/High)
    • Mist
    • Light Source (Left/Center/Right/Custom Position)
    • Sky & Clouds Ambiance (Yellow/Red)
    • Grass & Foliage (Autumn/Spring)
  • Bonus actions for general picture Improvement / Fix
    • Defog
    • Color Fix (Low/Medium/High)
    • Sharpen (Unsharp Mask)
    • Sharpen (High Pass Low/High)
    • Vignette (Multiply)
    • Vignette (Lens Correction)
  • Combine actions to get custom results
  • Non-destructive actions (Original image is untouched)
  • Editable results (Easily change the values of “Adjustments layers”)
  • Layered (Actions are grouped into folders)
  • Mask Ready (Brush over the mask to reveal the effect)

Included files

  • One .atn Photoshop File including all actions

What do you need to use this package ?

  • Adobe Photoshop (CS6)

If you are not sure how to use the actions or if you want to see a preview of the features take a look at the Demo/Tutorial video