Geometrical Confusion Backgrounds

Geometrical Confusion Backgrounds

Poly Linear Mesh Wallpaper Set Overview

For lovers of beautiful abstraction with geometric shapes and minimalist stylistic we present our new gallery of 10 different backgrounds with complex objects and jumble points. Particular materials are professional assets executed as generative graphics.

Their modern composition of intricacy network, polygonal forms and clean background in urban style will serve as “5 elements” on your artworks complementing them and giving refresh in a special and intelligent science and cyber theme. Present net of lines and dot images in different sizes soaked by an amazing mix of hi-tech and linear art will give your design finesse, right creative visualization and subtle abstract surface powerfully equipped to reach your target audience. There are unusual random and chaos in the arrangement of isolated particles with connected lines.

Moreover, holistic composition here is created by geo connected dots, that like an atom gathered in cool plexus structure and reflect cyberspace that awakes imagination and allows to make your web works authentic and nontrivial. Fab futuristic geometric confusion of polygonal shapes in technology theme passes the atmosphere of science and mess with distinctive outline pictures that look like crazy wireframe geometry and are attractive elements on this lattice of virtual cloning with molecule concept and dotted spiderweb flavored by motion effect and huge desire to level up your design performance.

There are cute elements such as the atom, wire, the node that created minimalist grid described before that is the perfect illustration of decorative big data material that will define your personal design handwriting and fill your digital data products, as you need.

You will get

You will have polygon network texture set each file of which executed as 3d renders. There are 10 digital assets of high quality and high resolution. The resolution is 5000×3333 px. The great bonus is that all the included materials are print-ready. Enjoy!

Can I customize these abstract backgrounds?

Yes, you can! The archive includes isolated polygonal shapes in the JPG and Transparent PNG format, as well as layered PSD (Layered PSD). This is a raster graphic. Thanks to transparent textures, you can use these materials, laying them on any of your creative projects. Also, you can colorize these shapes as you need and like in Photoshop, as well as change the background color to any other.

Where can you use these Poly Linear Mesh Wallpapers?

  1. In general, they are design resources handy in various web design directions;
  2. You can decorate a business card or poster using these materials;
  3. They will serve as decorative elements for many creative works;
  4. Check them out for creating an atmosphere of your presentations or as great backdrop for your website;
  5. All type of packaging and business cards filling will be great with suggested materials as well.

Hope you will be happy to work with them.

Additional information:

  • Graphics Files Included: JPG, Transparent PNG, Layered PSD
  • Pixel Dimensions: 5000×3333
  • Resolution: 300 dpi

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