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I like your style sp,

But alas I’m not a InD user so rely upon .psd for editing

Thanks rosebud. I do appreciate it :) Hope to upload some new PSD stuff asap!


Oh man, thought it was a PSD as well, but now can’t purchase :(

Got it. I’ll make the PSD version asap : )

Thanks. Yep! psd please and I’d purchase :)

Hi guys! AI and PSD versions are coming : )

Please share your psd & ai version as you promised. Nice work, I like it.

Thanks in advance.

hi npeterczar,

psd and ai documents are already included in the main zip file.


Very useful FFOTM . Great to see this excellent item made available to the community. Cheers.

thanks brasiliano! but it took me out 5 minutes to get the meaning of ‘FFOTM’ and in the end google helped me!

dou itashimashite : )

Wow. This is great. Love It.

Wow. This is great. Love It.

@ wyeko and daniel, thanks : )

That’s a file for everyone! Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop, every buyer should be satisfied. Thanks.

thanks jayne, your words are much appreciated : )

I’m still trying to figure out what FFOTM is.

LOL ..JK..HI (hop in) “due date”

it means Free File Of The Month you can download it for free within the current month

cheers : )


Wonderful, clean design! Thank you!

thanks : )


NHA Purchased

I bought this great resume but only have Office. So, now I can’t use the template. Any suggestions? Windows just sends me to sites where I have to pay to register in order to have the files working. Bummer. Have a good one :(

hi nha,

in order to use this template you need adobe photoshop, illustrator or indesign.

if you don’t have none of them i suggest you to download a trial from the adobe official website.

do not hetisate to contact me again for any assistance of questions!