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Hello, I get the warning ‘the command “Make” is not currently available’. Next, it hits, ‘the command “Select” is not currently available’ which is instantly followed by ‘the command “Delete” is not currently available’. Then there are countless actions, and eventually, it says, ‘the command “Select” is not currently available’ and then, ‘The object “layer “COLOR FX”” is not currently available’ and then several actions happen before it repeats, ‘The object “layer “COLOR FX”” is not currently available’ and then about three more actions complete and it is done. I am running on Photoshop CC 2017. I am well versed in these things, and I watched your video. I definitely used the ‘mask’ and ‘brush’ layers for the animated fog and I have the action and brushes loaded. Please advise and thank you. and by the way my image is 2560 pixels x 2560 pixels and resolution 72 pixels and i tried deferent brush size but it does not work please help me because i have a project and i am late for delivering it!!!

Hello, check out that you have Background with lock (your main image) and necessary layers as mask and brush before you click play the action.

Ok now it is another problem after I locked the background layer it goes ok until it reach this point “Could not make a new layer from the selection because the layer is locked.”

and then when I unlock the layer and press continue it goes until it reach this point “The command “Transform” is not currently available.’

and when i pressed continue it goes until it reach this point “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

after that I pressed continue and it give me the same massage again “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and agin “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and agin “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and agin “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and agin “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and agin “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and agin “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and agin “The command “Transform” is not currently available.”

and after that no result the layers are there but no effect at all any other solution please

I found the fix for the error if you want to know it I would appreciate it if you give me in return the sand action link below for free for the solution what do you think?

if you accept I will give you the solution.

but to be hones with you your action is GREAT!!!

Dear Sir, I am trying to use the action and I get the “select” not available and other various not available commands. I have read through looking for a solution and have not found any conclusive. I have double checked my layers are locked and in the correct order. Can provide of check list of things to run through? I have double checked image size, and format as well. Currently at a loss. Thank you in advance for your support on this.

Its maybe a few problems. 1) Check if you installed the brushes 2) Your background layer. Not enough rename layer and set a lock manually. Select your main image and go Layer->New->Background from layer


It’s a very nice action. It can make some pretty interesting .gif’s :)

I do miss the direction Down. Is it possible to make an update or is there any way i can make it myself? Not that used to working with actions so im not sure how to do that

probably soon I’ll do an update. Good Idea to add direction down

Would be nice to have that one also. Thanks for considering :)

Nice work. But when I go and export the file for web as .gif it takes a few minutes before i can hit the save button. Is that supposed to happen? I use PS CC2017 with a i7-6700 processor 3.4 Ghz, 8GB ram, 64bit, 4 GB video.

Its normal. Photoshop calculate each frame before you can see on preview window and click save. Don’t worry about it!

Ok, thanks.

I’m having the same problem with the visible squares when the fog animates. Everything seems to work up until that point, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m using Photoshop CC 2018. Thanks!

Hello, be sure that you have enough resolution and brush size before you play action. Another way how you can fix it – enter into smart object witt fog and erase edges on side of your document.

Thanks - erasing the edges worked! :)

No problem ;)

action works great


Hi does this also work with photoshop elements?

Hello, No.

Wonderful Job !!



I AM USING “Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.1.3” with creative cloud program

error when i installl brush and font , show can’t be used on my version of photoshop

Does it still work ?


go to Edit->Presets->Presets manager-> Brushes -> Select group “miniSplash” and rename this group in any name you like (rain, ex, try, splash, etc.).

Group and brush have the same name. Just rename group from MiniSplash to any name (rain, 123, any name)

problem solved :)

Hi, I purchased and downloaded the animated fog action and when reading the manual in the zip file I noticed a comment about the Photoshop version. It says it must be an English version but this was not stated on the web… Tried to use it anyway but experienced problems with the layers, is it because I’m using another language? If so, any solution? Thanks, Peter

Hello, send me a screenshot of your problem,plz.

I just purchased this item. followed all the instructions along with the video, read it and watched it several times, double-checked everything. Using in English, and I get an error on almost every single step in the action. I’m using CC 2018. Please let me know how to fix this or provide a refund. Really disappointing. I bought a few other actions of yours too and I’m concerned that none of them are going to work. :(

Check your background layer if it set to correct. Or send me a few screenshots of your problem on my email

You still haven’t told me where I can email screenshots. This won’t let me attach them. If you cannot help me get the three actions I purchased working, I would like a refund. Waste of time and money.

read plz help.pdf file

not working on photoshop 2020

What exactly not working? Describe you problem plz.

It will work on Photoshop 2021 or not? please confirm. Then only I will purchase. Becuase there is no update for this after 2017. Thank you.

It works from CS Extended to newest version of PS. WIth all version that support videotimeline