Discussion on Gif Animated Shockwave Photoshop Action

Discussion on Gif Animated Shockwave Photoshop Action

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good design :)


fantastic work! i wish you all the best for your sales ;-)


Do you have a package with all of your actions in it for a special price?

Hello, i don’t have any bundles or pack of my action. But very soon it will be something like this.

Hi, can the loop be made to play once and not show again? Another question would be about the effect, can it be made as a transparent work and have a png image show in front of it? I am trying to use the fade in effect for a website. Thanks

hello. 1) About loop – yes, you can set looping option to once or to forever 2) I don’t try made and test image with transparency.

Hi when I press play, why does it say, “This cannot be undone. Continue?” and then proceeds to ask me to approve (“Ok”) every action?

Hello, in your photoshop turn on Modal control (toggles on or off). You need turn off it. Click on position E and turn off toggling and after everything will be ok.

Is it compatible with photoshop cs6?

only from CS6 Extended to CC2018

Running this action in Photoshop CC 2018. It always stops with this message “The command “Select” is not currently available.”

I can continue the action but the results are nowhere near what are presented as examples.

plz send me a screenshot.

I found the problem, I had two brush folders with similar names and were mixed together. Thank you for your help.

Good luck!

love this action but cant get it to work, I followed your tutorial on youtube and still will not work

Send me a few screenshots of your problem

still waiting on reply

When I save the file as a .gif and open it the image only opens in “preview” as 37 different images. How do I get the action to run continuously?

it depends of your images preview software. What is system you use?

Hi. How to paint with a brush so accurate. I am trying, but it is always not accurate results.

Hello, send me a screenshot