Discussion on Giftable Gift Cards - It's a present

Discussion on Giftable Gift Cards - It's a present

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Nice & Original like always

Great work ! :smitten:

Thanks Kowo!

Very colorful and glossy :)

Thank you! Appreciated ;)

Thanks dear! :D

Really cool work!

Thanks WPExplorer!

Cool design :) Congrats and good luck!

Thanks mate!

awesome item! Love it!

Thanks mate!

I just love your files and the presentation of your items. I wish I have your creativity…could you spare some in here? I tried so hard to get your logo redesign for that dribble invitation give away contest you had…man!

Thanks Daniel! Haha, sure, I could airmail some creativity! :P Haha. Sorry mate, can’t :( Ah well. You like my new profile image? :D

Good idea as always RZ

Thanks 723media! :)

Excellent design again. :D

Great to hear that! Thanks mate! Appreciated!

Super! As always! :)

Thanks mate!

I agree with Daniel_R!!! I’m jealous! But awesome file as usual :D

Thanks Sevo! :D

Once again… A real beauty!!! Well done, RZ ;)

Thanks a lot :D Appreciate that!

Nice job ! bookmarked :)


unique style as usual! very nice :)

Thanks fireform! :D Appreciated!

that’s great.. you did again :D

I’m trying my best! :D

I love the way you think :D

Lol, what do you mean?! Thanks tho!

Great item! Love the colors and concept. :)

Haha, thanks bees! Appreciate that! :D

Nice and clean. I like it! :)

Thank you! :D

Giftable giftcards haha. I like the colours, they really make it appealing :)

Thanks mate!