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Not to be rude but I don’t get the results advertised. Is there something that I’m missing?

I’m sorry the file is causing you trouble. The PSD ’s for the images that make up the preview are included, so you should be able to get the exact same result. Could you provide more details?

Actually, I saw that, my apologies. Thank you. These are amazing.

Good Job Man This Is Awesome!! Thanks :)

A fantastic product for very little money.

This product delivers what it promises at a price that can’t be beat!

I see it’s been purchased 280 times and I think it’s a shame that more of the people who have bought and used this haven’t commented on it.


This was my first ever purchase on Envato and I signed up just to get this and your glass effects (which I’ve just purchased but haven’t tried yet).

For those who are thinking about purchasing

Stop thinking about it and do it. It works – it’s simple to use – and its uber-affordable.

Within minutes I was editing the text and getting the same incredible results you see in the demo image. If you have even modest photoshop experience you can tweak the settings easily. With a half an hour of playing around I was able to come up with exactly the effect I wanted to achieve.

I just can’t say enough good about these styles.


I’m using it on a PNG file I imported from Illustrator. It worked fine, first try and I’m sure it saved me countless hours of work (As a matter of fact I spent the last day and a half trying to achieve a similar effect – to no avail. Now with a few clicks and for a few bucks – I’ve got just what I wanted).

AND SINCE YOU ’RE WONDERING No I don’t know Webtreats. I really am just a very very satisfied customer.

Thanks again for your excellent product, Webtreats! I’m off to try the glass effects!

PS: Your tile-able darkwood and tile-able light products are giving a 404 or some kind of page not found error. Thought you should know.

Thanks for purchasing webstuff! Glad that you found the styles so useful.

p.s. We know about the 404 on the tile-able darkwood and tile-able light, contact us through our profile page here if you’re interested in them.

Looks very nice!

Beautiful Styles !!

Can I please get some help…...I’ve installed the fonts and did everything in your instruction. I purchased this so I can use it in a website I’m bulding in Adobe Flash CS5 for a class project and I wanted to use the text as my button, preferably without a bout, just text and I’m not able to figure out how. Can you please help me.

I dragged only the text folder to my page and I lose the effect of the background…..when I dragged both, it covers my entire page and I can see the rest of my layers….I tried putting the background layer at the very bottom and I lose the effect you have…..PLEASE HELP !

ive only ever used photshop for like a week on and off after work and even I managed to get great results with this for just 5 bucks.hope you post a few more like it .great file!!worth every cent!!

When I use the ASL file to create the glow effect on the photo I am adding it to, I get the effect shown, but cannot get any color into it, it just sits there transparent-like. When I edit the PSD to the text I want, and try to copy it over to the photo I want, again, no color. The color only comes with the background in your PSD , which I don’t want in my photo. This is what it looks like when I copy it over: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/6610/glowing.jpg It obliterates my entire photo.

How can I use this WITH color on a normal photo?

Ah, I think I figured out why it’s not showing as purchased, I made a new account when I wanted to purchase this, and had forgotten I already had an account.

Anyway, the problem above remains the same, I want the glowing effect on the text only without having the background or color overlay ruin my photo.

Hi, I just bought this product. How do I get it to work? I clicked download but nothing happened. Do I need to do something to get it to go to photoshop?


I can’t get these styles to work; they’re all invisible!

Yo, I can’t get these to work.

I liked these effects very much !

pretty cool ;)


Hi! This is lovely, sensitive work. I do have a question before purchase, however. Some folks have commented that they can’t remove the color from your background layer, or see their photograph through it.

Would changing the blending mode work?

I wonder if “luminescence” or something would remove the color, leaving only the glow? There is so much math behind the modes, that I’d probably just try them all to see what happened, but logically, something that filters for light ought to pick up your glow and it alone.



Hi hauksdottir,

Thanks for your interest.

Changing the blending mode might work, if you try it and it does please let us know.