Graphic Assets for Match 3 Game

Graphic Assets for Match 3 Game

We are delighted to present a complete set of graphics for Match-3 game creation. This bright set is for creating top level Match3 games.

The archive contains:


21 different candies for the creation of varied games:

  • 7 regular candies of different colors.
  • 7 “special” candies of different colors with sugar. (For example, this candy can be created if 4 or more regular candies are combined, and has a special effect (upon being matched, it can destroy candies adjoining it, earns more points, and so on.))
  • Bonus candies Score X, additional lives, additional time.
  • 3 tiles, for blocking candies. Two of them, under certain conditions, can be destroyed, the third is static.
  • Cellophane – Any candy can be placed in cellophane and thus, require additional conditions to be met prior to its destruction.
  • Empty candy. You can place your own, additional gameplay elements into this candy.

User Interface (GUI)

The archive contains all base interface elements you may need:

  • The first screen, with the title and play button
  • Level map
  • Main game screen
  • 10 Pop-up windows
  • 37 buttons (with 4 clicking positions on each.)

The interface also has elements to realize free-to-play model in the game:

  • Pop up window with a shop
  • Pop-up window with additional lives
  • Cells with boosters (boosters help the user pass difficult levels and are sold for real money.)


Every candy includes an animation of it disappearing. The animation is created by a sequence of frames.

Technical details

The graphics is made for: 1600×2560 pixels. And is good resizable.

The archive includes 3 formats: EPS (all elements are vectors), PSD (well organized layers) and PNG (with a transparent background.)

If you need support for this set, please use the email form on our profile page to contact us.