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May I have problems If I do not install the fonts? I need to present In a meeting room with server users and no admin access

The fonts wont be rendered as you can see in the screenshots. Your system will use some standard fonts, which could also break the layout in some slides.

HI! I would like to change the color scheme on the ppt to match our corporate identity, how can i do that? Xml? If so, how?


Hi there, the easiest is if you could contact me via skype, so I can give you detailed support about this (skype: ercn1903)

Hi I have a query If my laptop gets formatted, will I be able to get these templates again??? Or Will I have to buy it again???

Hi…I have been using MS Powerpoint 2010 and the background of the template as shown “the green glitering galaxy background image” is not appearing….how can i get it?

regarding the background, contact me via email please ;)

ercn1903 – Just tried and it bounced back is there are another address I can mail you regarding the background picture?

sorry, my hoster is down for the next few days. hit me on

Hi there. I cannot seem to use the icons, get rid of the “Gravity” watermark on the slides, or edit the phone mock up! I’m making a short presentation in a few hours, and will have to return the product if this isn’t possible. Please help. Thanks..

You are welcome :) I would really appreciate a 5-star rating ;) Thank you!


Please advise about font type used. Please advise about icons. Renderings for each don’t match. Please advise.

Hello Sean,

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As stated in the help-file you have to download and install the following fonts:

Once installed, restart PowerPoint and everything should be rendered fine.

Please, let me know if you have further questions or problems ;)

Best, Ergün

Got it. Thanks!

thank you too!

let me know if you have further problems.

we would really appreciate a 5-star rating ;)

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Hi, the green background in the first slide seems to not be showing up in the entire presentation or in the help file links – where is that found? Also, any instructions on how to install the .svg fonts? Thanks.

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thank you for purchasing our item!

please contact me via email and I will provide further help. My email is me @

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The icon font is no longer available.

There is a big problem with this presentation, the graphic font is not truetype which means it can’t be embedded, and because it can’t be embedded you can’t send the powerpoint itself out to clients because it looks a mess. The only way around this seems to be to export the presentation as a PDF and quite frankly that’s not good enough – morale of the story, don’t buy presentations that use fonts for the graphics.

Unfortunately, presentation templates which use custom fonts all have the same issue. Exporting it as PDF is however a good solution.

Then why make a presentation with custom fonts? Use proper graphics instead.