Discussion on Gray Blue A5 Flyer

Discussion on Gray Blue A5 Flyer

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Nice :) BTW , You had to show a proof that you purchased the photo above (i.e The photo of the two businessmen checking hands ), hadn’t you ?

Oh Sorry, I’ve just realized that it’s available in the assets library lol ;)

Ahaha yes, it is present in the asset library!

Can we get this in 8.5” x 11”??

Thanks, Scott

I will do soon ;-)

How do I change the image in the .psd document? I have photoshop CS3 . I also have an image ready I want to replace the dummy image with. Can you please tell me how to chenge it ?

Hello, what image do you need to replace?

The image in the upper left corner. It says ‘image here’. When I try to click the image box in the layers window it doesn’t do anything. It only opens a box with ‘layer style’


You have to replace that image with your image.


Can you please confirm whther this is a one sided flyer? I need a double sided…



Yes, is double


just purchased this file and I can’t help myself but I don’t see a 2nd page (double/backside) and I also don’t see the bleed, the canvas size seems a correct a5 size, but as I understand it, the bleed would exceed this size a bit (1/8 inch or so?) or am I completly wrong?

thanx for your reply!

Hello, it’s only one page ehehhe :)