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I’m interested in getting these but there was one detail that I don’t understand. What does the html/js code do? Will it let me just drop in a line of code and the box will appear???

Hi Eduardo,

Just bought these banners which look cool. Unfortunately once I open the PSD in PS (Elements 7) I cannot seem to use the layers. When I point the cursor on the layer (bottom right of working space) it says “Indicates a set”. Is there a trick so I can fully edit them?



PS: sorry but big newbie here!!

Send me a email trough my profile page ;)

Let me be the 1000th! :) Congratulations!! ;)

Woww thanks man, I’ll give you a free copy of my next file for sale ;)

oh, i like it :)

Nice design, but only one sample code provided for one box in the package. Also if you could make the box resizable (HTML) you would sell more for higher price really.

Just bought this file, nice job. Thanks.

nice work, i like it

I’ve just buying your work (thank you !) but I have not the fonts required. Is it possible to have it ?



Send me a email :D

Purchased this item to use the product image boxes, but not possible to edit. Waste of 3$.

Great file! Thank you ;)


can I use it with Photoshop ELements ?

Thanks :)

because I don’t have Photoshop CS..

I’m not sure friend, anyone know?

HI, I bought these and I have just one question. How come the small boxes are not HTML ? Thank you

Thank you!