GridGrid - Create Giant Image on Instagram

GridGrid - Create Giant Image on Instagram

Crop Your Photos for Instagram Profile – This Photoshop action (ATN) will allow you to turn your photo into a large grid picture on Instagram profile page. Create unique collage. Show your artwork detail. Works like instagrid grid, using Photoshop.

GridGrid – Create Giant Photo for Instagram Profile

  • Easy to use
  • All sliced photos go to your destination folder
  • Photos are automatically numbered

What You Get

  • 5 .psd templates
  • 1 .atn file
  • 1 PDF file – User guide how to use it

How it works

  1. Place your photo on the template.
  2. Reposition your photo based on the grid.
  3. Play the action!
  4. Choose your destination folder
Available in
  • 1 Row
  • 2 Rows
  • 3 Rows
  • 4 Rows
  • 5 Rows

Have fun!

P.s : This is not a smartphone app
All you need is Photoshop.