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Any way to purchase Adobe Illustrator version?

Sorry! file is PSD only. Thanks for your interest.

ahhh I bought it and realized it’s not indesign!

Sorry! file is PSD only, Thanks :)

where can I get more footer icons like those in the template ? Thank you !

icon is not have more. it fix in template. you get icon more http://graphicriver.net/category/icons

or place email to me I sent icon more to you in next time. thanks

Hi, can you convert it to doc?

file is PSD not convert to doc I think Update file doc soon. Thanks for your interest.

Item is update now!

purchased the file but the InDesign file won’t open. i use cs5 and it says the document uses one or more plug-ins which are not currently available on my system.

CS open file IDML if not open you can open file PDF Thanks.

If it is found a problem. Please contact me by email. Thanks.

I purchased this but opening it in CS6 or Word They render differently. Really bogs my system down and crashes.

I created on CS6 you can open file (INDD,IDML,INDT) or PDF First if can’t open Please Check the programs.

If you’re having any problems. please contact me by email. Thanks.

I just purchased this and it’s fantastic! Quick question: I’m using the PSD file and I want to know if there’s a way to export all of the pages into one “bound” digital book. It seems like I now have to export it page by page and then combine the pages after the fact.

On PSD can export it page by page only and then combine the pages on Acrobat. If you need export all of the pages please use Indesign.

Please let me know if you need any further. Thanks

Thanks! :)

Even after the font installation the doc and docx are broken. The space for the text is too small and the default text get overlay hidden or overlay top…

Not what I expected , can you fix it plz

On doc double click to open hidden or overlay top. You can fix on powerpoint?

plz send use file .pdf to me ( gstudio.we@gmail.com)

Great work and great customer service, got answer in less than 5 minutes (On Saturday) and you came up with a better, and easier editing solution than word (ppt -> way easier to edit and maintain + easy to export as pdf) in a short amount of time. Well done

Thanks!! :)