Discussion on Halloween Bash Flyer Templates

Discussion on Halloween Bash Flyer Templates

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One of the best halloween flyers on the river ;)

Appreciate your comment, thanks!

Where can i get models ?

Thanks for your purchase! You can google catwoman costume, the other two were given to me. Try googling each costume; genie costume, police costume, etc.

How do i edit to add my own image? IS there a video tutorial somewhere for beginner

You would have to know how to get rid of the background. There are many ways; you can trace the photo with the pen tool, then delete outer area, here’s a link to show you how to use the pen tool for beginners.

Also, the magic wand tool is good if the background is all one color, select background with wand (w) tool, then press delete.

Or use the eraser tool (e) to erase background, but you need a steady hand.

I’m going to add this to my help files next time.

Just look up removing background in photoshop for beginners.

Hope I helped!

how do i put what i want to put on the flyer if i purchase?

Hello, thanks for your interest. It has a help file included with some instructions on how to modify, text, colors, effects, etc.

Thanks a lot, Rafael!

BS: Didn’t see the note of the models not being included. I would not have bought this.

great work, good , colorful and unique composition ;) GL