Halloween Collection - Background Gradients

Halloween Collection - Background Gradients

Halloween Collection – Background Gradients

40 Realistic Halloween Background Gradients from Halloween Collection.
The Photoshop file includes all 40 Gradient files. Plus to speed up your workflow i’ve included Photoshop Action, Photoshop Gradient and all the Ready-to-use Jpeg files.

Photoshop Action

The Halloween Background action works on any background dimensions. If you are designing a Halloween poster and to apply Halloween Background, you can either use the Gradient Overlay from the Layer style or use the One ‘Click’ Action to fill the screen instantly.
Use the Reference numbers below each gradient in the Photoshop file. You can also refer the Jpeg files.

Photoshop Gradients

If you want to edit the gradient or add more colors to the existing one, you can use the Photoshop Gradient file.

JPEG Backgrounds

The download also include 80 Jpeg backgrounds. 40 for Landscape and 40 for Portrait. If you are working outside the photoshop you can use the jpeg files.

Help file

The help file let you understanding the usage of the Photoshop Action file.

Included Files

  • Photoshop file (1)
  • Photoshop Gradients (1)
  • Photoshop Action (1)
  • JPEG files (80)
  • Help file (1)
(The Sample images are NOT included with the downloads)

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